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Conference Room

This facility can be utilized in a time-bound manner. A projector with screen is available.


Private Room

This is a glass-covered sound-proof room provided to the customer. Totally there are 24 rooms


Open Desks

These are the abundantly available rooms where the users sit side-by-side and collaborate as a team



A Wi-Fi equipped Printer/Scanner facility is provided for the user


Cubicle Room

These are rooms where each set of 4 sit a compartment-like manner and work together. There are 16 such rooms


Full Office View

You may see the full-view of the open-desks' office-space here


4 feet spacing

Our facility's open-desks are spaced at 4 feet for good comfort

High Speed Internet

The network is fast paced with no intermittent glitches at 25 MBPS.

Free Coffee

You may take breaks from work over free coffee available on premises.

Excellent Transport

There are good transport facilities available in the form of auto facility, bus facility right before the building.

Storage Facility

Locker-based Storage facility is available for all types of desks chosen. Alternatively, for some specific desks large cupboards are given.

Convenient Cafeteria

A compact yet convenient cafeteria is available so that people can have lunch/dinner

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